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Analyze tech terms from resumes and online profiles

#5 Product of the DayJune 24, 2017
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CV Scanner analyzes tech terms from resumes and online profiles, as well as structure terms by categories (Back-end, Front-end, QA, etc). It's free and has been used by recruiters from Tesla, Apple, Microsoft, Cisco and Salesforce.
Greeting to all Product Hunters! I'm Andrew Stetsenko, a founder of My team and I are delighted to have been hunted today. CV Scanner is a new tool, that allows you to copy-paste a resume and have it take out and examine the tech terms and give you an explanation of each technical terminology. As you can see you get a list of all the tech terms on the right, then all the tech terms are highlighted, and if you hover over them, there is a pop-up with a definition. We'll release a Chrome extension in July 2017 that will allow you to hover over any tech term in LinkedIn/Github/Stackoverflow/etc and see a definition without having to open another browser or change pages. This is a great tool for sourcers and recruiters in tech recruiting. We'll be available all day to answer any questions you might have. Thanks
NIce job guys. This problem is waiting to be solved so I'm glad someone is working on it. Best of luck.
@evyborov Thanks, we really appreciate your feedback.
Providing educational resources to recruiters on the tech roles they are recruiting for is obviously a good thing. Simple, easy to use product - I can see a lot of people get value from it
@hunglee, thank you very much for your inspiring words
Its great, would be even better if i could upload my pdf/word resume and it analyzed it!
@sushant_shekhar Duly noted! Thanks. We've faced some issues with parsing and analyzing of PDF resumes. However, we believe the upcoming Chrome plugin will partially replace this issue and every online profile (LinkedIn, Stackoverflow, Github) can be 'scanned' and analyzed.
@sushant_shekhar Until this is ready, try It's for job seekers...predicts how an algorithm might interpret resume fit with job description.
@kkdub thank you for your feedback. Jobscan is a nice tool for matching of job seekers and vacancies. However, our goal is to make 'reading' of technical terms easier