Designed for software engineers, (product) managers and designers, our app finds weak spots in resumes, and suggests immediate personalized improvements, with examples.
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Hey Hunters 👋 Super excited to introduce CV Compiler 2.0 today. First off, thank you @diskevich for hunting us again. When we first announced CV Compiler about six months ago, we were overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm for the product. Thousands of tech professionals have fine-tuned their resumes with the CV Compiler app since then, some have even landed a challenging new job with their new, revamped resumes. So, what’s new in CV Compiler 2.0? Here are some of the changes we're most excited about: - New and improved “resume-checking” algorithms, more tips, examples, and useful content. - Improved UX. - The app now works not only for software engineers but also for less “technical” and creative professions like designers and product managers. - Data-driven insights based on over 5,000 jobs vacancies. - A downloadable PDF file with all suggested improvements. (Now, you can work on your resume even on a plane.) - A newly launched blog with tech career insights. And last, but not least, the current version of CV Compiler also works for freshmen who are learning to code and can be fully granted by your coding bootcamp or university. Click here for details. Give the updated CV Compiler a try today! We’ve got a 10% off promo code for you: PH10. In the meantime, we'll be around all day to answer your questions. Andrew
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Amazing product and technology!! CV Compiler gave me a ton of feedback and I've clearly seen an increase in interest from recruiters
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@matthew_blode It feels so great to hear such feedback from a user. Thanks a lot!
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I thought I had a really good resume, till I ran it through CV Compiler. It came back with key insights about my resume's strengths and weaknesses. And hints I never expected cause I didn't have that deep insight that you get with CV Compiler. For what it 's worth I would recommend every professional who needs a well written resume to give this product a good try and see what you can learn and improve upon.
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@zim_o_e Thanks for your kind words! I'm so glad to hear that CV Compiler helped you upgrade your resume.
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Great news! 🤩
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@diskevich Thanks again for hunting us today :)
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