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#3 Product of the DayFebruary 14, 2019

Cuyn is a new crypto-powered jobs and gigs marketplace. Professionals compete to provide you the best overall proposal. And the best proposals literally bubble up to the top.

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Neil Sandhu
Neil SandhuMaker@neilsandhu · Founder, Block Labs
Hi everyone 👋 We are excited to announce our launch today on Product Hunt in open beta at Cuyn (Crypto Underwrite Your Network) is a new jobs and gigs marketplace from us at Block Labs. Cuyn uses an innovative system of bitcoin rewards to the crowd to help anyone find, encourage to apply, and rank the best applications for a job or gig. We think existing marketplaces and headhunters are way too inefficient and lots of information on the best candidates never gets surfaced - worse yet, the most-qualified candidates never know about an opening that may be perfect for them and employers and clients never connect with the best candidates, so both the hiring party and the potential candidate miss out. We think Cuyn can solve many of these inefficiencies. We would love to get the word out to big hirers in the crypto space to try our market - we really think they will be thrilled with the results. In fact, any business can use the marketplace to post a job or gig but we think crypto is one of our most natural initial markets. We use Coinbase and Coinbase Commerce for our bitcoin transactions, due to many of the features and relative UX advantages of Coinbase compared to other options. Of course, once users get their Bitcoin bounties from us through Coinbase, they are free to move their Bitcoin into their own private wallets. We promise to continually improve the user experience and welcome any and all feedback. What can you do: ✓ Sign up and spread the word about our marketplace about anybody you know in the crypto space that is looking to hire. We are happy to talk to anyone about the unique advantages of our marketplace. ✓ Encourage the best professionals you know to apply for a job or gig and then ensure their application (which can be done with a very small surety) and collect the bounty! ✓ You can learn more and read some FAQs at ✓ Follow us on Twitter at ✓ Reach out to us at We'd love to get some feedback and are happy to answer your questions. 👊 Thanks! 🙏 Neil you can always also reach out to me personally at
Gamblers United
Gamblers United@gamblers_united · Cause
@cuyn @neilsandhu This is definitely better than other job and gig sites that I've used in the last year. Hopefully some of the big companies in the crypto space will start posting jobs on your platform. I'll be spreading the word myself. Good luck!
Cassandra Beaulieu
Cassandra Beaulieu@cassandra_beaulieu · Founder & Digital MKG @
Cool site, congrats on the launch ! Looks like a pretty useful marketplace to hire new employees, I will fore sure give it a try and will let my crypto network know about this new service. Keep up the good work !
Neil Sandhu
Neil SandhuMaker@neilsandhu · Founder, Block Labs
@cassandra_beaulieu Thanks! We look forward to your using the site. Definitely let your crypto (and non-crypto) friends know about us! 🙏
Petar Petrovic
Petar Petrovic@starr00891 · Alfa
Signed up and wish you good luck. I hate existing job and service markets too! This is promising.
Neil Sandhu
Neil SandhuMaker@neilsandhu · Founder, Block Labs
@starr00891 Thanks Petar! We really think tapping the collective wisdom of the crowd (incentivized by bitcoin rewards) is much better than existing marketplaces and or a single headhunter that funnels all leads!
Shanuka Lekamge
Shanuka Lekamge@shanuka_lekamge
It's good