Tinder to find the cutest pet in the world!

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Do you have a Feature where it shows the adress of a pet so we could break in and steal it and run away with them? theyre so darn cute.
@michaelcunner they do! It's called "Playground" and I'm definitely considering nabbing these cuties in the DC area!
@caprihiggins Wonderful, the Playground Feature turns it into a Uber for stealing cute puppies for me. You now have competition in DC though, 30 sec in the app and I already want to steal DCs entire puppy population.
If you don't like animals, are you even human? DL Cutesy to swipe/rate pets around the world or customize your own pet's profile for a chance at being the cutest pet of the week. Available on iPhone, waitlist for Android on their landing page. Don't like commitment or not enough space on your phone? Cutesy has an adorable Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat @cutesyapp / @cutesy f/Snapchat
Fun idea! I made my dog an account and enjoyed looking at the other puppies. I think my description may have been too long as there seemed to be some hiccups with the formatting.
@erin_alexa_ I'm just the hunter, but I just saw a tweet (after I already hunted them 😬) that they are redesigning so maybe @cutesyapp already looked into it :)
@caprihiggins oops, didn't realize you just hunted @cutesyapp.... such an adorable concept!
@erin_alexa_ No worries! I made an account for both my cats, Ollie and Louie :) feel free to find me (username: CapriHiggins)