Cut the Surge will check if there is a location around you where the surges are lower. You can also predict the surge prices for the next hour in your city with our surge graph.

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#6 Hunter. eSkateboards are my jam
Wondering what data they analyze for this b/c it seems like there are a lot of factors that drive Uber into surge pricing. If it's raining, does Cut the surge watch weather data to know when it's going to let up? Or if it's Halloween, do they have historical data to know what time people generally uber home? Or something unique like the NBA championship is taking place in NYC, will they anticipate how long surge pricing will last once they game ends? It all seems very tricky to me, but pretty awesome that they're figuring this out
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Josue Gio
Cofounder GuruHotel (YCW20)
I like the music! :)
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Théo Blochet
Product Guy. Currently @GetQonto
The code of the page, no info about makers, "Californie" instead of "California in the screenshots, doubts on the data they use ... All of this makes me think that this is a scam. But let's wait and see, maybe it's just a very early MVP. In the meantime, I'll use SurgeProtector.
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@theoblochet not a scam. This was submitted to the Uber API contest that ended a short time ago. Also, I couldn't find the Maker on Twitter.
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@theoblochet the developer might just be French
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Ryan Marr
Product Manager, FreshBooks
This is fascinating. Uber's surge pricing creates supply side incentives but this adds a new layer to the demand side incentives, by supplying a limited amount of information.
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Wow! Drivers will hate this!