Flexible structured journaling with customizable prompts

CustomJournal is a structured format journaling app. One where you are presented with writing prompts. This helps focus your thinking, making sure you are asking yourself the right questions each day.

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When will you have this for iOS?
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@selena_horde I have not started on the iOS version yet. I chose Android because this was a scratch my own itch project and Android is what I have. I'm really waiting to see what the response is on Android and then I'll consider the iOS version.
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Hi Product Hunt! I have been using a structured journal for some time but wanted to modify the prompts. I wanted to ask myself a few questions each day to make sure I was focusing on my goals. So I created this app to do that. I use it for gratitude and goal review but this journal can really be what you want it to be since everything is customizable. My journal prompts have changed over time but my current template is one of the default templates.