Great for remembering a special trip. Better than a gift shop souvenir :).

Customize your trip journey, add special memories and more.

Select from a long list of styles and colors to match your taste.

Available in 2 formats 11"x17" and 18"x24" printed on high quality glossy 1.5MIL laminated paper or Matte.

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9 Reviews5.0/5
Great project, I instantly wanted to buy a print ! ... But unfortunately, too bad, international shipping is not available ! Hoped to have an option to pay for a HD download at least :( Improvement suggestion: I'd really like to be able to edit more precisely each point (indivudual options for straight/road routes, and move labels to avoid overlap)
Hi everyone, Just want to introduce our travel poster, a unique souvenir or gift to remember a special trip. Would love to get your feedback.
@edouardtabet This looms really cool. Good job! Is it possible just to buy the digital files? People who live overseas may find the cost of shipping and import fees too much, to make a purchase with you
Thanks @ninjapixel ! See my answer below - Delivering prints is our priority, but you're right about shipping fees and we're definitely considering selling HD digital files too, stay tuned!
@ninjapixel @sdubois I too hope there will be HD files to purchase instead, I'd like to make something a little more...3D.
@edouardtabet neat idea to physicalize digital data. What data sources are you thinking about next? Yelp check-ins? Facebook? HD download would be an interesting option too!
@edouardtabet @ninjapixel Agreed, +1 for digital HD file purchase OR smaller sizes. I already bought a map from yourownmaps so I'm out of wall space for poster-sized stuff. I'd rather have something smaller I can frame and put on a desk :) Would pay $15 for something that fits in a standard ikea frame!!
Love the idea and great realization, the posters are looking great! Do you ship worldwide? Is there an option to purchase the digital version?
@pbriod Thanks for the kind words. We're working on worldwide shipping and will add an option to purchase an HD jpeg to print it yourself, stay tuned!
@pbriod @sdubois What is the current status for the world wide shipping or digital HD Version?
@pbriod @jbo0560 @thatmattgardner We're currently offering free HD jpegs so you can print it yourself in 11"x17" or 18"x24". This is our summer gift and will be available until Aug 31!
@edouardtabet I ordered one! Thought the process was great – loved all the little customizations I could add, like "favorite stops" and such. Can't wait to see what it looks like!