Resolve live chats faster by watching where users get stuck

CustomerJet is a new tool for ecommerce that reduces cart abandonment on your store. It records users’ behaviour on your commerce store just before they message you on live chat. You can watch the videos and understand issues instantly. CustomerJet lets you help your customers better and increase your store’s sales.

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Hello Hunters! I am excited to share what we’ve made with you - the Product Hunt community :) We built CustomerJet because we think live chat can be a much more effective sales channel for ecommerce stores. Right now, understanding customer issues requires a conversation with the customer on your store. What if you are able to see where your customer get stuck before reaching out to you? By clearly understanding where people are getting stuck and taking care of their concerns in real-time, there’s an opportunity for ecommerce stores to significantly reduce cart abandonment and increase sales. Currently we integrate with major live chat platforms like Intercom, Zendesk Chat, and LiveChat. We are rapidly building our integrations so that more and more stores can understand the value of CustomerJet. If you’ve any questions for me, please feel free to reach out :) I am here all day! Cheers Ashwin
Great to see Wingify launching new products. Two big launches in one day - first the new VWO and now this - congratulation guys! I'm curious though, how do you compare with other session replay software on the market like FullStory?
@amiranywhere We've optimised our product to help resolve live chat issues as fast as possible. That’s why, by default, CustomerJet automatically attaches visitor recordings to each live chat, gives you console errors and browser info to recreate issues, and reply on live chat. Our retention is 1 day because visitor recordings can be too cumbersome to go through, and by keeping it relevant to the conversation that’s going on, we’re able to use tech to resolve support tickets faster. Going forward, we want to optimise this flow even further for time. Automating responses for similar issues and proactively reaching out customers with high-value carts if they are getting stuck, are some of the ways our product can evolve. So, to answer your question - yes CustomerJet is similar to Fullstory from a tech perspective, and you can do similar things with FullStory, but our goals are different - Fullstory lets you dig deep into what’s happening on your site, whereas CustomerJet lets you take actions on your store as fast as possible, to reduce cart abandonment. Also, we’re much more competitive in pricing - especially for ecommerce :)
@ashwin_gupta1 I think that's a great way to approach the problem. Optimizing for a specific goal and then building from there vs. trying to solve several user problems is always a smart approach. All the best!
Very specific use of session replay, solving exactly the right problem. Well done!
Sounds great! Can you please contact us to consider a potential integration with us/Slaask (#1 customer service app for Slack users). Thank you!
@slaask @lewalle Let's talk! Sending you an email straight away.