Customer Support Academy

Bite-sized lessons to help you level up your support game

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This is so helpful. Thank you!
@twanlass @allthingsmarco Glad you enjoyed it Marco!
Heya Product Hunters 👋 Just over 6 months ago we launched Respond here on PH. Since then we’ve learned a ton about customer service and how to best build a product for the incredible people that deliver happiness everyday for a living. Today the Respond team is excited to share what we’ve learned on our journey so far with a little thing we’ve made – the Customer Service Academy: bite-sized lessons to help you level up your support game. Today we’re launching with 6 lessons with more to come over time! We hope you find em’ useful 😊 Cheers! P.S. Feedback? Lesson topic you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments below 🙌
Kudos to you guys @slanoue and @twanlass. I think this is great. There's plenty of resource that my team and I have put together that include Respond and Buffer so this now just adds to them plus gives me some more resources I can share and refer to. Thanks and great work, let us know what your plan is to add more on this. Fantastic start.
@mkaigwa @slanoue Thanks so much Mark for all your support! If you're interested you can sign up to receive new lessons in your inbox when we launch them. Stay tuned 😊!
SMART utility content marketing by @Buffer. Seriously, nice work here.