Customer Discovery Ninja

On-demand interviews with your target customers

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I used this tool for doing some customer interviews for my Intro app for iOS (an app for connecting with people at conferences) and got some awesome feedback, saved me a ton of time.
We're trying to change the "build it and they will come" strategy, because as Steve Blank says, its "not a strategy, its a prayer." Customer Discovery Ninja gets you calls from your target customers so you can listen to their problems and build a solution to solve them. Its easy, convenient, and will help you build a product that your customers will love!
Another founder here. Happy to answer any questions. Also would be awesome to talk with anyone that's interested; grab a spot here -
Hey everyone! I'm a co-founder of Customer Discovery Ninja. Let me know if I can answer any questions.
Cool idea. How do you find customers that are specific to each industry?
@crixlet at this point we are just for b2c as our pool of interviewees are general US consumers. As we move forward we are going to get industry specific customers but for now it is more general. Great question though! We are still early stage and validating our the problem-solutin fit. Certainly going to open up the availability to more applications in the future.
@crixlet Some hypotheses for sourcing B2B interviews include LinkedIn, SoHelpful, various industry associations, and manually finding and on-boarding people. We've done quite a bit of customer discovery in the B2B space manually and learned a lot about best practices; hoping to apply some of these lessons towards a more automated system.