Highly tailored daily or weekly remote job alerts. Only receive jobs that are hiring in your timezone, in your job category, for your preferred job type(contract, permanent, part-time), for specific keywords, or even from specific companies. 500+ companies
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Hi all 👋 I currently run a remote job board called Remote Circle. Until now, we've had a single email go out every week which we call the "bulletin". Everybody got the same email, no customisation whatsoever. Pretty rubbish. Custom job alerts has been on our roadmap for a while but we've taken our time on getting it built because it seemed like such a big task and we wanted to focus on other areas, like getting more jobs. Other remote job boards offered more personalised job alerts, but in our eyes they still weren't personal enough. Being able to get job alerts by job category still isn't enough when looking at remote jobs. We wanted our alerts to be as flexible as our site. It's this level of customisation that our users have come to love us for and we wanted that to be replicated in our job alerts. So our job alerts are actually just as customisable as search on Remote Circle is. As always, we will only send you jobs from companies that are hiring in your Timezone. On top of that, you can also specify: 👨‍💻 Which job category you would like to see jobs from 🤔 What type of jobs you want (permanent, contract or part-time) 🕵️‍♀️ Which keywords you want the jobs to include e.g. "javascript" or "translation" 🏢 And even what company you would like to receive jobs from. For example, you might only want jobs from Buffer and nobody else 📆 And of course you can decide to receive these alerts in your inbox every week or every weekday(we don't bother you on weekends). It's super easy to add your job alert too. Just search for jobs on Remote Circle as you normally would and then hit the Create alert button, the alert will be created for your current search parameters. Choose your email frequency(week/weekday) and your done. And that's it! We hope this will make it even easier to find remote jobs so that you don't need to keep coming back to Remote Circle to check for updates. Instead, you get the alert and can be first to apply. If you have any feedback, please just let us know. Thanks Joshua
@joshua_tiernan There seems to be a bug in the form. When I enter a keyword, it also gets copied to the Company field upon saving. I was using the latest Chrome.
@saschaz Thanks for letting me know. Sorry you encountered this. I can't see anything obvious at the moment which could be causing but I'll do some more testing and let you know. Thanks again. Really appreciate you letting me know
This looks very useful. Why don't you consider posting this on https://remote.tools :)