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Hey! We’re excited to announce a completely new product for Sticker Mule: custom magnets. We like to think of custom magnets as “stickers with less commitment.” :) Customers have been asking us to offer these for a while now and so we’re excited to announce the launch here on Product Hunt. Our team developed a new method for producing magnets that offers better print quality and cut accuracy than has previously been possible. We love getting feedback from Product Hunters and put together a special deal just for you to try them:
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@ac132 thanks for the early invite, I already received my magnets, my wife didnt like that I covered our whole refrigerator with them as fast as I could tear them out of the package. It was like a reenactment of "The Trouble with Tribbles" episode. Anyways, high quality and fast deliver, highly recommend!
@ac132 is a rockstar. I've been using StickerMule and ButtonFrog for a while and was always amazed by the high quality for the reasonable cost. I can't wait to have the opportunity to order some magnets :)
@jpvalery Thanks JP! Our team did a phenomenal job building our platform and UX the past few years. Excited to leverage that to simplify and optimize the purchasing experience for more products.
Love the "stickers with less commitment" line. Seeing these roll out make me think of a million uses that don't work with stickers. I feel like as stickers become more ubiquitous (<--- no way I spelt that right) things like Magnets, canvases and fatheads will "stick" out more.
@mrmikesmith Thanks Mike! The tagline was all @tvaw. Success on your spelling! I think everyone is gonna love the magnets. The market is smaller than stickers but no one is doing anything like our offering yet in this space so we are eager to see the reaction. :)
Also a fan, glad to see them continuing to expand their range of services
@jydesign thanks james!
Serious question, I want to get magnets of my face created to give out to friends as a random gift. When I upload the pic, should I crop it first, or is that done on your end as part of the proof? The picture I plan to upload is a headshot.
Hey @derickhilde! Great question! You can upload the photo "as is" and leave a note to crop it around their head/face. We have a incredible proofing team and they'll save you design time. You can also requests multiple changes and we'll make them for free until you're happy :)
Sticker Mule has awesome quality. I'm excited to see them expand into new product offerings.