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CM was started as a subscription business by a woodworker (for woodworkers) in 1996. We purchased the website when it looked like this at the time, CM had 350 woodworkers from around the country, and lots of traffic because of its highly relevant domain name. We spent the next three years building out a larger base of subscribers... In early 2012, we changed the model from subscription driven to transaction driven.. two-sided marketplace theory always talks about needing to invest more heavily in scaling one side of the marketplace, in our case, we were able to do this by building a profitable subscription sales model... Btw.. when we swapped our models, the makers loved it.. it aligned our incentives around helping solve the challenge of finding makers more work.
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This is why @producthunt is amazing see ^^^^^^
Would love to get @mikesalguero in here to answer some questions on this really great concept. Another Boston startup!
@blendahTom, here to answer any questions that you might have!
@mikesalguero your vote for the most custom thing ever made on CustomMade?
@mikesalguero thanks for sharing. Tell us a little bit about how you guys tackled the marketplace traction challenge. You seem to have some amazing makers and creators on the platform.
@mikesalguero I want to design a custom watch. Analog. Leather Band. Large watch face. Talk to me specifically about the capabilities of your platform/suppliers. Can I get watches made? If I can, then #shutupandtakemymoney. I've been getting watches customized in China for the past few years but it's been a sluggish process with plenty of false positives.
@datarade I just submitted a request for a custom watch on Custom Made. I had no idea where to go to start getting them made, where do you get them in China? Is there an english-friendly site I can try?
Waiting for @rrhoover to jump in and commission a ProductHunt version of this ->
I used CustomMade to make the world's best fantasy football trophy (at least if you're a Michigan fan): <3 the site.