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Custom Crypto Exchange allows website owners and influencers to create a customised exchange and add it to their website in under 2 minutes with zero code, to help freelancers and bloggers and individual who contribute to the crypto ecosystem in monetising.

- 2 min setup. ZERO CODE.

- 75% Revenue share

- 300+ coins


  • Yadunandan Batchu
    Yadunandan BatchuBitcoin Enthusiast

    It was very simple to integrate.

    Absolutely no code placement - no hassle.

    Allowed self-branding with logo and backgrounds.


    Nothing seems to stop me to get this up and running on my domain.

    It is so cool!

    I had my custom blog hosted on blogger. Tried integrating them and the process was like a breeze. Just had to update my CNAME record and was live in about 15 minutes. Do checkout ( and exchange a variety of crypto coins for your favourite coin. (My favourite is #bitcoin :) )

    Yadunandan Batchu has used this product for one week.
  • Umang
    UmangHustler & Builder of internet things.

    1. Great revenue share 🤑

    2. Super simple setup 😎

    3. Payouts in BTC 🤩

    All had to do was link up the CNAME of my domain and tada..


    1. No information about what is the minimum payout threshold and how often do you pay?

    2. Scope to offer more customizability

    Users like us who join these affiliate programs need to make sure of 2 major thing: On-time payments! and Dependability

    So I had like if you had mention min payout on the landing page directly. I found my answer after signup on profile page though :)

    The link which says "Powered by Coinswitch" should have my referral link or you should somehow have some mechanism to associate those users as my referrals, along with all users who signup on my instant exchange too.

    Few suggestion on the Configure Section

    1. Probably shift every selected coin at start after selection and show count.

    2. Have a review page for coin maybe? scrolling through the list was a bit painful.

    3. Would have helped if the coins list was sorted.

    4. Would have helped if you had easier option to select all coins I had selected in "To Coin" selection to "From Coin"

    5. Ability to select default selected coins.

    Would also love if I could configure the selected exchange currencies and from amount via query string this sending targeted users to my instant exchange.

    Umang has used this product for one week.


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Ashish Singhal
Ashish SinghalMaker@ashish343 · Founder and CEO,
Hi, I am Ashish Singhal, Co-Founder, and CEO, Custom Crypto Exchange is built for website owners and influencers to set up an instant exchange on their website and monetize their website visitors. Key Features: 1> 2 Minute Setup. ZERO CODE. 2> 75% Revenue Share. 3> Choose From Over 300+ Coins And 45,000 Exchange. 4> Customisable To Match Your Website Theme. You can get your own custom crypto exchange here: I will be happy to answer any questions you might have :)
abasa@abasa · founder, PRIMO
@ashish343 Great job. We will integrate.
Ashish Singhal
Ashish SinghalMaker@ashish343 · Founder and CEO,
@abasa Thanks, do let me know your feedback :)
Anmol Arora
Anmol Arora@anmolarora6699 · Founder & CEO at Chota Hospital (P) Ltd
@ashish343 This is really useful. Even komodo which ranks 57 on CoinMarketCap is using it :
Archit Rathi
Archit Rathi@architrathi
@ashish343 Great product. Super simple to integrate and amazing revenue share rates!
Ashish Singhal
Ashish SinghalMaker@ashish343 · Founder and CEO,
@architrathi Thanks. Do integrate to your project and let me know your feedback.
Mohit Mamoria
Mohit Mamoria@mohitmamoria · Maker and Storyteller
I love the idea for what it can be used for. As a private investor in various ICOs, usually I have to maintain a list of which coins are listed where and their prices across the exchanges. This just makes it breeze to operate. Good job! 😎
Ashish Singhal
Ashish SinghalMaker@ashish343 · Founder and CEO,
@mohitmamoria Thanks a lot Mohit :)
Bilal Javed
Bilal Javed@bilal_javed · Software developer
Very good Ui. Easy to integrate. Good way to trade 300+ crypto currency.
Pratik Moona
Pratik Moona@pratik_moona
A visionar and a revolutionary product. Please add a feature to also create your own currency.
Ashish Singhal
Ashish SinghalMaker@ashish343 · Founder and CEO,
@pratik_moona Thanks. Adding your own currency currently is not part of the roadmap but will let you know the updates once we release more features.
Siddhanth Jain
Siddhanth Jain@siddhanth_jain · Co-Founder PlaySimple Games
This is something really great, and i feel in coming time this cane be a real game changer. As a crypto enthusiast i believe this is revolutionary product.
Ashish Singhal
Ashish SinghalMaker@ashish343 · Founder and CEO,
@siddhanth_jain Thanks Siddhanth, do let me know if you face any troubles integrating.