Cushion (beta)

Project planning & managing for designers / devs

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I really like the design of this app. The fact that it is a paid beta is really promising. Seems like this dude has his priorities straight. If you read his journal ( you can tell he puts is heart and soul in to this project.
I really like how transparent the building process is. Seeing the expenses needed to built the app and the journal is just a great source of inspiration for other makers.
I mentioned this on Twitter, but figured with more room here I could elaborate. @destroytoday, this looks like a great product. Excited to see where it goes. For a long time, I've been playing around with an idea like this in my head as it is very similar to my approach to the accounting side of freelancing. That is: I have a base number in my head, I have a stretch goal, and a bare minimum. At the moment, I use a spread sheet to calculate the risk/reward of taking on more projects based on where my monthly/yearly progress falls. Cushion seems like a great way to visualize it. Congrats and good luck!
the transparency of the build process is cool. I really would like to know how this has worked for the founder? Any insight / benefits gained ?
@acondurache The original intent was to document my mindset, so I could have something to go back and read through. Since then, it's become an incredibly valuable way of spreading the word about Cushion with new content each time rather than just repeating that the product exists. I'm always drawn to the process of projects because it tells a good story and reveals all the details and hurdles along the way. I've gotten a lot of value out of others' processes in the past, so I figured it'd be helpful to do so myself.
This wonderful product is live :-)!
This product needs to be resubmitted on product hunt as out of beta.