Your bank & credit card fees, refunded

Get back money wasted on bank fees & credit card interest.

Cushion is currently in Private Beta. Our bot (Fee Fighter) is successfully waiving all kinds of costly bank fees for our users: ATM fees, late fees, wire fees, overdraft fees, credit card interest charges, and more 💰

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Hi PH! This is Paul, Founder & CEO at Cushion - short for “financial cushion” Saving money is hard. It’s even harder when your bank - who is supposed to safeguard your money - profits from your mistakes. Did you know that hard working Americans spend $140 Billion on credit card interest and another $60+ Billion in bank fees each year? That’s insane! Well guess what? These fees and interest charges are negotiable. However, banks make the process time consuming and emotionally draining. That’s why we built Cushion - the only service that automatically haggles with banks & credit card companies, on your behalf, to get back some of that wasted money. We’ve built sophisticated tech to make this possible and are currently in Private Beta: - Right now, we support two U.S. banks: Chase and American Express - with several others coming soon - New users typically get their first refund within hours of signing up - Our service is waiving all kinds of penalties: ATM fees, overdraft fees, monthly service charges, wire fees, late fees, interest charges, and many more - And we have several very exciting money-saving features in the pipeline Feel free to learn more and sign up on our website: 🔥We're granting Product Hunters who sign up and fill in our short survey immediate access (and skipping a waitlist of 15,000+ people) if we support your bank 🔥 Thanks for checking us out. I’d love to hear your feedback and happy to answer any questions!
@thepaulk I signed up on the site but saw no product hunt skip the line option? How does that work?
@thepaulk @biggiephat Hi Jon, can you email me at so I can look into this for you? We are a bit behind in sending out invites from the onslaught that is product hunt awesomeness - you may be in a queue. I'd like to find out.
I've been on the beta for Cushion for awhile now. At first it didn't do much since I didn't have many fees at all. But when my wife and I wrapped up our kitchen project and had to carry a balance for awhile on our Chase card and we got hit with interest charges. Miraculously, Cushion got our $100+ interest charge back after pestering the bank on our behalf. It worked amazingly well and we didn't have to do anything to make it happen. Now it's fighting a Wells Fargo charge. Hoping to get some cash back from them since they've charged me plenty over the 20+ years I've banked with them. :)
@lylemckeany Thanks for joining our beta! Glad to hear you got some money back through Chase and we're stoked to see what we can get you from WF!
Right on Cushion team! Storytime: I was lucky enough to get access to the beta and it was so easy to set up. I chatted with the bot and got like 4 dollars back in back fees and then forgot about it... A few weeks later while I was traveling abroad, I got a message from the Cushion bot about some additional travel-related bank fees. I tapped the "Yes, fight my fees" button and later that day I had nearly $100 come back to my account! I didn't even know. It was so easy. This is the way that technology SHOULD work. Question: The branding is super sweet and lovable. What's the story behind the adorable robo-mascot?
@mylo_does Hey Logan, I love this story! I'll let @thepaulk talk to the inspiration for the bot!
@mylo_does @lauralynnz At Cushion, we are all about comfort - as the company name implies. We want to help our users build their financial cushion, and we want them to rest easy knowing that our service has their back. From the get go it was important for us to use welcoming colors and a mascot that was so cute our users would look forward to hearing news about their finances. We found the perfect designer on and after a few iterations we knew that our mascot (Fee Fighter) would be a hit. Plus, his outfits are hilarious! Thanks for liking our mascot as much as we do!
My SO was invited to participate in the private beta, and I can confirm that the service just works. We've gotten fees back from Chase. We're looking forward to our bank being supported too. Thanks so much Cusion!
@israelvicars You're welcome Isreal! Happy to hear your SO got some money back!

Used Cushion a few months ago when it was still in early beta. The onboarding process was simple and easy. The bot interactions made it easy to respond with a few words and a quick login with my bank account gave them all I need. Within a few hours I got a message letting me know I got cash back.


Low effort way to get cash back



That's awesome to hear Faisal! Thanks for joining our beta - you rock! 👊