Forecasting, scheduling and invoice tracking for freelancers

Would you recommend Cushion to a friend?


Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
Cushion has been completely redesigned and it looks awesome @destroytoday tell us whats been going on behind the scenes and whats in this release :)
Alexander Singh
I wish Cushion was around back when I was a freelancer. While I haven't used the product myself, several members of the Domino community (www.wearedomino.com) do and swear by it. I highly recommend the Journal (http://cushionapp.com/journal) for anyone who is interested in the craft of building software, or who is embarking on a similar endeavor themselves… See more
Tyler van der Hoeven
@tyvdh · Developer, Baremetrics
Love love love Cushion. I don't really freelance anymore but Jonnie and team are an amazing crew who care deeply about improving the working lives of their customers. If you are a freelancer, use and pay for Cushion. Do it. Seriously.
Rigel St Pierre
Use this all the time. It's just getting better with age too!
Mike Garrett
@mikengarrett · Founding Partner, Copper Note
Killer product for freelancing or small businesses. So good it got into my New Year's resolutions. I can't wait to see what they do next.