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Ben Tossell — Community Lead, Product Hunt
Cushion has been completely redesigned and it looks awesome

@destroytoday tell us whats been going on behind the scenes and whats in this release :)
Jonnie Hallman — Founder, Destroy Today / Cushion
@bentossell Thanks for posting the redesign, Ben!

As far as the new website goes, we realized after a year of taking the typical "product" approach with the marketing site that we lost sight of the original idea behind Cushion. We've been marketing it as "yet another app for scheduling/invoicing" when we should've been pushing what makes it unique—that we're a small team of freelancers, building the tool that *we* would want to use as freelancers.

We also brought more attention to our transparency, like our Running Costs ( and our Journal ( Those took a backseat this past year while we focused on pushing the product itself, but I think it's just as important to share as a list of features.

Also, rather than simply listing features, we took a step back and decided to write the copy around our thoughts when we freelanced—what were the common problems and insecurities we'd face day-to-day and how could Cushion help fix those. We're going to continue improving the site in this direction and emphasize what makes Cushion different than the typical alternatives—mainly that we're a very small team of freelancers who actually uses the app we're building, we're *very* responsive (sometimes building requested features same-day), and that when you reach out to support, you're chatting directly with the founder (who can actually make decisions and provide insight into where we're going).

As for the app itself, we've launched a *ton* of new features since we were on Product Hunt originally. Here's our changelog of every change we've made since the beta 3 years ago. :)
I wish Cushion was around back when I was a freelancer. While I haven't used the product myself, several members of the Domino community ( do and swear by it.

I highly recommend the Journal ( for anyone who is interested in the craft of building software, or who is embarking on a similar endeavor themselves. When I first came across it, I read it top to bottom.
Jonnie Hallman — Founder, Destroy Today / Cushion
@automaticyes Thanks for the constant support, Alexander! I always appreciate it. :)
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