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Hi. I'm a freelance designer/dev and have always had trouble planning and managing the year. I constantly take on too much work and never think to take a break. I built Cushion to bring a calm to this roller coaster ride of freelancing by providing better insight into the work I take on and the clients I work with. After 10 months in a paid beta, Cushion is finally ready for the rest of the freelance world to try out.
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@destroytoday Awesome app and very thoughtfully designed. I'm not freelancing anymore but would highly recommend to others if they are.
@destroytoday This is beautiful, excellent timing as someone who is looking to get into freelancing.
First off, this makes me wish I was still doing freelance. Secondly, I love your blog and break down of expenses and everything throughout development.
Just tried Cushion and it activates/motivates me to chase new projects, add them in the app and earn dem $$$! Great, great work. Also loving the documented process in the Journal. I'd love to track my monthly expenses (like on the Expense page) and view them aside my income. That would give the complete overview of everything. Is this something you've considered adding later? What are your future plans?
@paddy_mckee Same! I've found that I want to fill up my income graph quicker and fill in open spots in my schedule timeline. Expenses are definitely on the shortlist of new features to add. At first, I was hesitant, but now after trying a dozen other services to track expenses, I desperately need them in Cushion.
@destroytoday @paddy_mckee Awesome. Looking forward to it.
Interesting overview of the cost of building the service (excluding the spent time etc.). Haven't seen that many services open up their cost structure. Did you integrate with external services to get data for the visualization? Could similar visualization used with Harvest expenses data? It would allow quick overview of related costs in projects.
@autiomaa The expenses page is all manual at the moment. I store the monthly costs in a spreadsheet and convert it to JSON for the website to render. I'd love to automate this process and an expenses feature within Cushion seems like it could do the job. Here's the spreadsheet in case you were curious:
I was involved briefly on the Beta for this. It's a crazy beautiful webapp with a lot of potential. Congrats on the launch!
@pwheslop Thanks, Pete!