Curve for Business

One place to easily spend, send, see and save your money.

Built for small businesses and freelancers, Curve simplifies your financial life by connecting your accounts to one smart card and an even smarter app, connected straight to Xero. Submit expenses automatically as you pay, get instant alerts as you spend, and store receipts safely in the cloud.

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Hey Hunters! I'm the product guy at Curve and super-excited to finally talk about what we've been making. Curve combines all your payment cards into one single card, accompanied by an app. Curve brings together the best of mobile payment systems such as Apple Pay and that of the traditional bank card to a single solution, accepted everywhere. Curve is built on the MasterCard rails. We’ve set out to unite everyday payments - all those different cards and transactions - into one single place. This brings a host of benefits, from only needing to carry a single card, saving money on currency fees when traveling and eliminating ATM fees, to being able to label and search all transactions with one tap of your app in real time, and making American Express work in places it isn’t usually accepted. All you need is the Curve app and card. Upload an unlimited number of other cards by scanning them in your app, and select the card you want to use. This will be your default payment card until another is selected. No batteries required ;) We’re launching first in the UK to freelancers, entrepreneurs and self-employed consultants and will have a wider consumer launch later in the year. Looking forward to hearing what you think ;) UPDATE: We've had requests for a promo code for Product Hunters, so - use MvcuZ and get £10 to spend on your Curve card when it arrives!
@simondingle why self employed first?
@techtom10 Great question! The self-employed market is rapidly growing, and underserved by the current banking system. They have more acute pain-points around their finances; managing business and personal cash-flows through single accounts, balancing spend across different cards, traveling more often - and we think Curve can help. So we're focusing here prior to a broad consumer launch later this year.
@simondingle can I just say I'm self employed? I mean I'm a photographer 😄
@techtom10 if you make any money from your photos than I don't see why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@simondingle being payed at a summer camp. So when are you launching this? eg: I'm just about to buy one!!!
Amazing love it, can you not make it so I select the card I want to use after I entered my PIN in the device?
@oplante That would mean you were adding cards before you had security set up properly in the app, if I understand the suggestion correctly - but definitely something to consider ;)
Paul Sawers wrote a nice article on Curve today over at VentureBeat. ( Personally, I like your approach versus Coin etc. Firstly, it supports Chip and PIN, and secondly, it is just a regular card. No batteries. No OTA and potentially harmful connections with the smartphone. Makes a lot more sense to me,
@therealsjr that way it also allows you to, for example, take Amex to places it couldn't go before. Makes a lot of sense to us too. Great article. Thanks for sharing ;)
Been using mine for a couple of weeks now and think it's great! Would love to see the categorisation of transactions get more fully featured - e.g. for a supermarket shop my only choices are 'Services', 'Supplies', 'Travel' or 'Entertainment'.
@vsubramanian Thanks! Yeah, categorisation can be a tricky business, but we've got big plans. Tagging transactions is a must for busy, self-employed people.
Go go Curve !