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Uncover what’s making 1 billion people pay attention

Currents shows the collective interests of over 1 billion people each month by connecting audience attention data to the content of online articles.

📈See what stories are trending today

👀Compare attention across topics

🌎Identify what resonates in different regions

🤓Understand how people find content

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Hi there! I’m the CEO and co-founder of For the last seven years, we’ve been helping people tap into their audience’s reading habits with our flagship product, Analytics. I’m excited to announce the beta release of Currents, the world’s first view of over 1 billion people’s attention every month. provides engagement analytics to the world's largest media companies, who run thousands of high traffic content sites, including many of your daily-read news sites. Currents turns this data into a powerful trend detector, which finally brings transparency to what people collectively read online, not just what they search or share. We believe that you shouldn’t need to have a large digital audience to understand what people care about—and that’s why we’re making attention data more accessible to everyone. Today you can join the waitlist for our beta program and uncover attention trends for yourself and use them to inform your own work. I’m looking forward to your questions and feedback!
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@sachinkamdar I hope it gets ported to mobile devices. Would be very useful to check demographics.
@scourgethepd It is mobile responsive if you go on your phone (still much more work to be done there).

This brings all internet attention signals together in one place. This is isn't just what people are searching for or sharing on social media. It's what real people are reading/watching on the web in real-time.


This is the only place to find this kind of internet attention data.


Brand new, but that means you can get an edge before everyone has access to this data.

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I am blown away by how fast the data is pulled from the servers, Data viz is, and that you can find out anything even if you want to compare Hawaii to Tacos.


Where else can you find out what a billion people are interested in without relying on listen like social listening or searches.


Brand new product, so no long term experience.

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