The missing Facebook app for Mac

#2 Product of the DayOctober 31, 2014
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this is legit the exact 100% actual thing I was looking for *today*. so glad I just checked PH. I've been anti-notifications for forever, but then I realised that without a notification indicator I just procrastinate more by opening social sites to check for them - what I really want is a notification indicator on my menubar so at least I know when I'm going to be wasting my time checking for notifications vs wasting time acting on them. that, + I use FB messenger quite extensively - sucks to be drawn into the FB newsfeed crack experience when you just want to chat with people. a+++++, would buy again.
@jongold That makes a lot of sense. I completely agree! Thanks for the positive review! :)
@jongold I use Kill News Feed to hide my news feed
@jongold I agree with Jon. For $1.99, I bought it outright to try it out. First impression? I'll use this every day.
@imkevinxu I just moved to Safari with the release of Yosemite -_-
Looks like a great tool for those that live on Facebook chat. I avoid it and am always signed off. When I'm logged in, I get messages from old friends that immediately goes into small talk. It's good to catch up with people but not I'll save the small talk for IRL. Curious what some younger PH folks think about this and Facebook chat/messenger in general. @orbuch, @tzhongg, @michaelsayman, @vral, @arix, @gwenbrin?
@rrhoover I'm using Facebook chat more and more for anything and everything - this seems to work really well for it. Don't really like the web view for the main site though.
@rrhoover I actually hunted this last night too but guess someone beat me to it! I absolutely love Current - super convenient for me since I have to be on Facebook chat 24/7. Love how it gets rid of the constantly open Facebook tab and newsfeed which helps me focus a ton more. And Ryan, you can just log off chat but still talk to people (that's my strategy). @appden is the creator. Also, it's currently #2 on the App Store for the Social Networking category!
@juanbuis @rrhoover I'm definitely looking for ideas on how to improve it, so please feel free to send me some suggestions. :)
@tzhongg Thanks Tiffany! I'm really hoping to unseat FaceTime from its (corrupt) throne. :)
@rrhoover @orbuch @tzhongg @michaelsayman @vral @arix @gwenbrin Current helps me use Facebook Messenger productively. I have all notifications turned off in my life, so I just open chat windows with the people I'm doing business/development with. This helps me focus while using Messenger on the conversations that actually matter. The collection view kills it:
This is pretty sweet looking.
@AnujAdhiya Thanks Anuj!
I'm a HUGE Facebook power user (100+ conversations/day). Since downloading the Current beta a week ago, I haven't used Facebook in the browser at all. It saves so much RAM and is a complete game-changer for the way you think about using Facebook.
@davefontenot I think you're my heaviest user so far! I really appreciate you as a beta tester, and I know you're helping to make Current a much better product. :)
Looks great, both product and the website walkthrough. At $1.99, I'll be interested to see how this sells.
@angusmclachlan thanks! It's the first website that I mostly designed myself. :)