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Bringing allowances into the digital age

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Hello again Product Hunt community! Current is launching a new product today, focused on helping people manage money with family and friends with a smart debit card. A smarter financial system for kids means automated payments, spending controls, allowance handling, and insights when the card is used. If you have children and care about their financial literacy and how/when/where they are spending, you are invited to checkout the Current Student Account. As always, this community provides great feedback and any questions or comments are welcomed!
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@ericfriedman Thanks Eric - I appreciate all your help! Hey everyone: We’re really excited to finally take the wraps off of the Current Student Account - a new solution to digitize allowances, teach teens financial literacy, and provide parents with more control on how children spend their money. It’s no question we are moving to a cashless society - yet the concept of allowances remains firmly footed in the past. In America, nearly 17 million teenagers don’t yet have access to digital payments solutions. They either pay for things with cash - providing parents with no insight on what their kids are buying, or have to rely on their parent’s credit cards, which doesn’t teach any form of financial responsibility. The Current Student Account has two components: a Visa-branded debit card and an app that provides parents and their children ways to mutually agree on allowances, how their money will be spent, and the chores and responsibilities needed to gain access to those funds. Money can be spread among three wallets: The Spending Wallet to track expenditures, The Savings Wallet to teach financial literacy, and The Giving Wallet to help teens identify local charities they can contribute to. If you know of parents with kids who need to learn financial literacy, we’d appreciate you sharing the word!
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I'm really rooting for someone to crack this, and I hope this is it. The inclusion of a giving wallet makes my heart sing. Awesome stuff.
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@carlmartin Thanks Carl, its long overdue and we hope so too.
We used nickel before and this has a similar pricing schedule but the debit card is only free if you pay 1-2 years up front. The debit card should be free with every plan. I don't like that kind of commitment upfront until I've at least tried the service, tested it out, especially the customer service end of it. I'll keep an eye out on this because of the different ways kids can manage their funds but In the meantime I'll stick with the similar service through my bank.
@nikenn Hi Niesha that's really good feedback and would love you to compare us to your existing bank solution. I couldn't agree more about customer service side of things and one of the reasons why we started Current was the frustration of inefficient bank service. Use the code PRODUCTHUNT at checkout and get 3 months free, please check us out. (and anyone else reading this comment)
@soppstu Thanks for the free months of service. I'm actually checking it right now and I'm already impressed that I can set up (and cancel) her allowance as well as CHORES! CHORES! CHORES! Payment and chores all in one app. Payment waits until I approve the payment. Much better than my bank already. I'm telling all my friends and all her friend's moms.
Congrats on the launch! I wish I had this with my parents growing up :)
Good for young kids.