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The political web's front page.

The consensus view of what the political web is talking about right now. Current Status relies on an editorially-responsible algorithm that considers the signals news editors send about a story's news value. Second, there's a human-in-the-loop. And third, Current Status is biased toward recent, highly-cited stories, with an emphasis on accuracy.

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πŸ”₯ Here there! Thanks for Hunting this, Joe. I want to provide some details about what Current Status is and isn't, and how it works. Current Status as a news aggregator, providing a consensus view of the top U.S. political news stories right now from a diverse cross-section of the news media ecosystem. I originally built this to help me source the news for the daily WTF Just Happened Today update. But it seemed selfish to not share it with everybody. This isn't replacing WTF Just Happened Today! Current Status is meant to augment your current media diet and give you a place to "check in" on the political news on your terms. It's time to get out of the endless Facebook and Twitter feeds and back to real news that's really important. One of the reasons WTF Just Happened Today works is that it's a once a day update. You can tune out the news and focus on what matters without falling behind. But sometimes you just want to know WTF just happened right now. And that's where Current Status comes in. There are three things that determine the Current Status: - There is an editorially-responsible algorithm that considers the signals news editors send about a story's news value. If you're not familiar with news-value judgement, check out the "conditions for news" here. - There's a human-in-the-loop curating the list and providing oversight to ensure that the Current Status is a fair and accurate representation of the day's essential political stories. - Current Status is biased toward recent, highly-cited stories, with an emphasis on depth and accuracy. The stars are a reflection of a story's current relative news value.
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@matt_kiser Great work! WTFJHT has been brilliant in keeping me up to speed despite work and two kiddos. Really looking forward to Current Status setting a different tone for news throughout the day! πŸ‘
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@dnuzum Thanks Derek! Check out the Chrome/Firefox extensions πŸ™‚
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@matt_kiser Just grabbed it. You're the best! 🀯
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Ooof, looks like my related tweets feature just hit a snag. Should have them back momentarily!
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I love the Chrome extension. Every time I open up a new tab I get an overview of the latest shock and awe coming out of Washington.


Easy-to-digest, up-to-date, concise, no advertisements.


The only downside is that more news orgs don't follow in Matt's footsteps.

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Thanks Joe! There's also a Firefox add-on and RSS feed so you always know wtf is going on
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As someone who pesters Matt a lot via the live chat widget on WTFJHT, he gave me a sneak peek at Current Status a few weeks ago (probably to shut me up on live chat). It's quickly become a go to stop in my daily news consumption. As a recovering journalist, I can attest that the news worthiness signals editors send matter -- trained humans have good news judgment, who'd have thunk it? -- and it's cool to see an aggregator add more of those human signals into the algorithm. I like where this is going. Kudos on the launch, Matt!
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@catone Hey! Thanks Josh! Appreciate the support! And your messages are always welcome! ;)
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This looks really cool Matt! Are the lists of "people tweeting about this" from a curated list of politics accounts?
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@nickoneill Not yet! That's something I plan to do soon. I'll also make the list publicly available and would like to give the community an opportunity to provide feedback and suggest improvements over time. Sort of like a twitter news index ....
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I read the email updates every afternoon and am stoked to see this new site. Good work!
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@mikeyanderson Thanks Mike! Hope we can collab on something soon to sprinkle some ML on this
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