The missing Facebook app for Mac


@jongold · AI design tools
this is legit the exact 100% actual thing I was looking for *today*. so glad I just checked PH. I've been anti-notifications for forever, but then I realised that without a notification indicator I just procrastinate more by opening social sites to check for them - what I really want is a notification indicator on my menubar so at least I know when I'm goin… See more
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Looks like a great tool for those that live on Facebook chat. I avoid it and am always signed off. When I'm logged in, I get messages from old friends that immediately goes into small talk. It's good to catch up with people but not I'll save the small talk for IRL. Curious what some younger PH folks think about this and Facebook chat/messenger in general… See more
Anuj Adhiya
@anujadhiya · Engagement/Analytics at GrowthHackers
This is pretty sweet looking.
Dave Fontenot
@davefontenot · Founder, HackMatch
I'm a HUGE Facebook power user (100+ conversations/day). Since downloading the Current beta a week ago, I haven't used Facebook in the browser at all. It saves so much RAM and is a complete game-changer for the way you think about using Facebook.
Angus McLachlan
@angusmclachlan · Designer + Co-Founder at Boppl™
Looks great, both product and the website walkthrough. At $1.99, I'll be interested to see how this sells.