Beautiful currency client designed for OS X EL Capitan

Adit Gupta
  • greatghoul
    greatghoulDeveloper, FellowPlus

    Light weight and nice


    no history line chart

    auto load from clipboard feature is very easy to use

    greatghoul has used this product for one year.
I made CurrencyX for myself when I travelling and working in Chiang mai last year. I want to make it the most beautiful currency app in the App Store.
@liuyi0922 what's the added value compared to just using spotlight ?
@jpvalery spotlight is good but I think a well design app is also very cool.
@liuyi0922 looks interesting. Not sure if I would remember to open it. How often do you use/open the app?
@matthewbarram I am sure you won't forget the beautiful app on your mac and I open it very often because it still under development
Good job. Feels like Mac version of Koin :)
This is a fantastic app. Honestly, I downloaded it and it does exactly what I want - especially with the madness of what's happening with the EU and UK (where I'm from), I have to keep track of many currencies to see where exactly my money is going internationally when I buy something, so this app is perfect. While it's under development and a version 1, it's fantastically implemented. I have so many ideas for this app and I hope you one day make an iOS app too! Keep up the amazing work
@_amitsbajaj I am so happy you like it, you can tell me your idea so that I can make CurrencyX better and better.
I have waited for something like this so long, thank you, one little more suggestion It will be very useful if you add this to the sidebar widgets. thanks
@nusususuzu hi, sidebar widget is ready for the latest version!
This is a very cool app.