Dead Simple Free Uptime Monitoring

Curler is the most straightforward Uptime Monitoring for your website, blog or whatever.

  • Pros: 

    It's design and it's simplicity, and also because I am a part of a devteam.


    I want my personal link on dashboard to be custom and editable, hope we'll do it in next version.

    Hope you like it:)

    Oleg Musin has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Works nice with my websites. Simple and free. Nothing else is needed.


    May be too simple?

    I like how it looks btw

    Andrew D has used this product for one day.
Hello, PH! The idea came after some research on how existing Uptime Monitorings work. We designed Curler to be much more straightforward. It should take no more than 30 seconds to set everything up. Your feedback is welcome!
Good work guys, I really like the design Good luck 🚀
Love it! ❤️ good work guys, simple and needed. Can i have SMS notifications as well as Email?
@stas_isakov thank you! You could integrate it with Amixr.IO for SMS 😉
Is there a way to receive a notification via webhook if the site stability status had changed?
@okhlopkov Unfortunately, no. There is a balance between features and simplicity. We decided to limit feature list as much as possible to keep simple. So Curler itself can send alerts only to E-Mail. But it does it in good way with deduplication and won't flood. For more comprehensive use-cases you could integrate Curler with Amixr.IO. It will give you ability to forward downtime alerts to SMS or Slack and much more 😃
Would be amazing if had a embed code to insert on my website And the website has a glitch: when I click any button it starts to shake everything
@raulcraveiro thank you! We'll think about it. I'll PM you to ask details about this glitch. It shouldn't be like that 😉