Share your files from your Terminal / SSH

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Great product! I think a great feature would be to add an email address as a parameter and have a link to the file sent to that email address.
@qruso That's a good idea man, thanks ;)
This is great! I wish you guys had a designated command instead of using curl though. For example, just like "git push heroku master", you could do "curlio push [filename] [pathname]". You could use other commands than "push" for different purposes. Or you could even get rid of the [pathname] and do something like "curlio push [filename]" and it would generate a random url and return it to you. Even better if it's a shortened url.
@gliechtenstein Indeed, a lot of people requested that idea, I'll think about it.. Maybe just a simple url will be enough, right?
Super handy! For sharing files or folders of files, see also
@tectonic Thanks for you feedback! :)
Have been using this for quite some time now, and its honestly made sharing files/moving files between servers a lot simpler.
Wow, thanks for your feedback @AsadDhamani, it's good to hear that I'm not the only one guy to use my tool ;)