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1. Hi, my name is Bob Rosenschein, founder and CEO of Curiyo. (Previously I founded and built 2. At Curiyo, we took a hard look at how people consume content and tell stories, especially on smartphones. 3. And we found that the big problem is not just overload. It's that you have to go to lots different places, apps, or web sites for a good look at a topic. 4. So we decided to invert that prism -- and bring it all to you -- in one simple view. 5. We created an app that is completely topic-centric -- no complicated juxtaposition queries here (e.g. score of game between x and y; or distance to restaurant). 6. Just plain topics, of which we've got 5M under management. 7. Next, we curate (Curiyo, right?) relevant content from multiple interesting sources: social media, videos, news, pictures, Reddit, Twitter, etc. 8. Then we make it easy to read with a card-metaphor -- more than a link but less than a tome. 9. But here's the funnest part -- you can add your own opinion on something with a new feature call MY2¢. 10. Today we support you recording a short (30-sec) video, audio, text or link comment. 11. If you know or care a lot about something, go ahead, record your two cents. 12. Otherwise, just enjoy what other people who are expert or passionate about a team, player, celeb, politician, book, movie or whatever have said. 13. We are passionate about simpler content delivery. 14. We hope you ENJOY CURIYO. It's a new product and work in progress, so please send me your comments and suggestions for cool new features. -- Bob
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Congrats, @bobr. Big day for you. And it seems PH likes your vision a lot too. Glad to say I have been following Curiyo evolve over the years. Would love to hear what's next or what lessons you learned from building and selling that were implemented here.
Good question @hilzfuld. First, what's coming next. It won't be enough to show all the coolest stuff for every topic, but also to supply tools for people interested in that topic to share, meet, and connect. As for lessons learned -- patience, my friend! Roll with the punches, and thinks pragmatically every day about what comes next. Everyone knows that companies change direction; that's not bad, it awesomely good! changed shape a half-dozen times before getting it "right", but even then, you've gotta adapt all the time. That's the terrifying -- and the exciting -- part of every startup!
@bobr Love it. Thanks man.
Think of Curiyo as your way of always being updated on all your favorite and trending topics, anything from Donald Trump to the refugees story
Great product, love it!
@bobr Congrats on the release. What's My2¢? Love to hear how it started :)
Thanks for the Product Hunt support @benln. We had so much fun building this. We started out with a web based product (look at any page on USA TODAY), but are super excited about our release today for Android and iOS.