Curious Polls

Answer a question once a day for the chance to win £100/$100

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So excited that we've been hunted today. The team and I will be available all day to answer any questions you may have.
@richpleeth do you have any referral codes for Product Hunters?
@richpleeth here's my referral code if anyone wants extra entries MET8FV
@thinker just used your code Nick. curious if a ton of people end up if you get a bunch of referrals!
@3raxton sorry just seeing this one now, I didn't get notified, you can use Nick's :) MET8FV
@richpleeth unfortunately, I was signed up without going through complete onboarding. Therefore, I did not get to enter the code 😕
Curious's poll prizes seem like an interesting way to incentivize data collection. I wonder what user retention will look like--but the prize money should help with that! :)
@kikischirr thanks so much. We're seeing pretty good retention at the moment of around 60% over 14 days. Hopefully it keeps up. Thanks for the comment.
I'm on a 11 day answer streak. This is a very fun app to use. £100 is cool but I'm also super interested by what other people think. Interested to see how it evolves.
@alexmbarton Thanks Alex. Keep going on that streak. We have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling to test new versions so I'm only on a two day streak.
A simple, yet brilliant way to incentivise polls. I'm thrilled to see Curious on Product Hunt and interested to find out what the community think to this idea. Well done Rich Pleeth and team 🚀
@paul_s_kemp thanks so much!
Smart idea - really simple way to incentivize people to engage with surveys and simple questions. Strikes me that cash and brand rewards will help with engagement and retention, plus there's also potential for extensibility into Messenger, SMS, bot integration, Alexa and all that jazz. Really interesting concept, great UI and UX. Looking forward to answering more questions.
@eamonncarey Thanks so much Eamon. You'll get a question every weekday at 10am and weekends at 3pm. We're already looking at building this out as a bot so should be exciting time ahead!
@richpleeth Is the one question limit to prevent abuse?
@jevinsew One question limit so it doesn't get boring :)