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Excited to get this out in the wild. Curiosity is a context-aware Wikipedia reader. It can show you nearby articles, what other people are reading / things in the new, and other specific stuff like books that were set nearby. Let me know what you think and if you have any questions or feedback. Chris and I are a two man indie iOS team based in San Francisco.
@dlouhy I'm late to the Party but curious. What made you and Christ look at GPS and Wikipedia and decide to mash 'em up in the app? Who are the users that you have in mind?
@kkdub Both @chrismasterson and I are big fans of the podcast 99% Invisible ( which is a podcast about the 'hidden' design of everything around us. The podcast's motto is 'Always Read The Plaque' because you might learn something new about something that might look ordinary. One episode in particular sticks out for me, it was on the Alvord Lake Bridge ( which Chris and I both live by and have walked under countless times. I didn't realize until listening to that episode that it was the first reinforced concrete bridge in America ( That got me wondering about what other cool stuff might I be missing that is right under my nose. That lead us down the path to creating Curiosity. Initially it was just going to be a stack of cards of nearby landmarks with a little bit of information, but then it grew into a much bigger app. So our target audience is really anyone who's curious about the world they live in, either on a macro or micro level we try to facilitate that. Wikipedia does a good job on the big picture, but we wanted to bring it down to people's current surroundings and the hope is that interesting things will come from it. We shall see if the idea works out.
Bought it. Love it.
This app is a delight. The juxtaposition of Wikipedia's grandiose scale with the bits of knowledge relevant to my immediate location is fascinating. Does Curiosity entertain? Does it educate? Does it make you think for a minute about where you are relative to everyone else? Yes....all that through the lens of...wikipedia??
I haven't seen such well designed app for quite a while. Bought it and I am more than delighted by the overall experience altho I would recommend to prime users before you present them with system permission dialogs. Out of curiosity - who was this app designed by? Also are you of a Czech nationality by any chance (judging from your last name)?
@philipamour Glad you like it! We wanted a walkthrough to explain some of the permissions more, it just got cut due to time. We made add one in the future. @chrismasterson is the designer and yes my last name is of a Czech origin, but I'm American.
It looks nicely designed. A freemium option would be nice. Especially considering that searching what's Nearby is already a feature on the wikipedia site ( that you can add to your mobile home screen.
@coreyo We thought about a freemium option, but we decided it would mostly hinder the app than make it better. We think $1.99 is a fair price to charge (we're a self funded company/devs gotta eat). The built in option to Wikipedia is handy, but we wanted to take the idea much further and also make a more native reading experience.