Curiohh Podcast Player

Listen, snip and share your favourite podcasts!

Curiohh re-imagines the podcast experience for both the listener and the podcast creator. Listeners can create audio snippets of their favourite podcasts and share social media. While, podcast creators receive insights into their listener's engagement.

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Had a brief look through the app today and loved the ideas built into it. I've often wanted to share bits of an episode and share with family members before.


Great UI


Can't say.

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Awww thanks Nathan! We hope this helps with sharing episodes with family and friends.
Hi Everyone! I'm pleased to introduce you to Curiohh our new podcast player. Be the curator of your own custom podcast highlight reels including all your favourite publishers. Please let us know all of your thoughts about the app either here or through the in-app messenger link. Happy listening!
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@andrew_szwec Congratulations on launching - just sent you a Message on FB from within the app - great example of Messenger integration for apps!
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Thanks @krishnade we love hearing from our users and getting new ideas for features and bug fixes!
Can't wait to give this a try!
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@lachlankirkwood can't wait to see what snippets you share and of course we'd love your thoughts and feedback :D
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We made some tweaks and updates based on people's feedback. Hope you enjoy!
Looking forward to Android/Web versions