Curio Invest

A platform that enables you to invest in cars easily

Curio Invest allowes you to invest and build your own virtual garage with Supercars easily online!

Collectible cars have been consistently among the best performing alternative asset classes. However, while an extremely exclusive car is likely to increase in value over time, the entry barriers to this market makes it accessible only to a few.

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Chris WilsonSr. Product Manager
Who actually gets to hold the car in their possession?
@automateiq Dear Chris, I'm Fernando, founder of, cars are hold for appreciation purposes at a climate controlled warehouse. Likewise, they are handled by former AMG staff with over 20 years of experience restoring fine collectible cars. The warehouse will be frequently open to investors at Events in the near future.
Growth minded and curious person
Hello @producthunt I'm Valerie, project manager at Curio (, our new project enables small and mid-level investors to access the collectible car market through a global investment platform powered by blockchain technology. Collectible cars have been consistently among the highest performing alternative asset classes, but up until now, the market was only viable for elite investors. Like in any market, some of the most profitable collectible cars command the highest purchase prices. While an extremely exclusive car is likely to increase in value over time, the purchase price will deter all but the wealthiest investors. Curio levels the playing field, enabling anyone to invest in a tokenized share of the SUPERCAR. How it works - As soon as a car is listed on, users can invest in it. Once the funding reaches 100%, Curio tokenizes the car and distributes the shares to the investors. The worlds first, token with an associated ISIN allows the investors to trade their shares peer to peer. Invest Securely - The Curio platform ensures the highest possible level of security by using a decentralized and encrypted blockchain network. As there is no central server, a large-scale data breach is virtually impossible. This is the reason why major international actors such as the Swiss government1, the United Nations1, and the Pentagon3 are placing their trust in blockchain technology. Full-Service Investment - Curio is not just a gateway to the collectible car market. Our team also manages every aspect of the investment, including all documentation, administration and payments. The cars are stored and maintained by a renowned partner with experienced staff safeguarding the assets 24/7. Curio? - We are an internationally mixed team of experienced entrepreneurs, academics and car enthusiasts. As most of us have a background in the automotive industry, yet in different sectors we build a team with a thorough overview of the entire industry and a broad network. Email: We’d love to get your feedback! Let us know what you think! We are here to answer any questions. Valerie & the Curio-Team @fernando_verboonen 1 2 3
What do you think should be the minimum? 1000 , 100 or 1 EUR?
hey, here is the presentation of CurioInvest: