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Clean, effective hydration to help you power through your workout and recover from those late nights.

* Made with real ingredients like Organic Coconut Water & Pink Himalayan Salt

* More electrolytes than leading sports drinks without added sugar & other junk

* $5 off your first order & refer friends for prizes like free Cure, and a Peloton bike

Kareem Shirazi
Lauren Picasso
Caroline Hearst
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    Incredible hydration solution, very low sugar, all natural and organic


    None so far

    Great overall product that provides hydration better than any sports drink I've tried. Similar to Nuun and other hydration powders but it's organic and all natural which is a huge differentiation in a space laden with sugary products or those with weird chemicals

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Lauren Picasso
Lauren PicassoMaker@lauren_picasso1 · CEO @CureHydration, @Jet, @RenttheRunway
Thanks for the hunt @chrismaddern! I’m excited to share Cure Hydration with everyone in the next few weeks. We created Cure because the clean sports drink we wanted didn't exist. Whether we were training for a triathlon or recovering from a late night, hydration was always a challenge. We’d feel dizzy and nauseous after long workouts and always seemed to hit that dreaded afternoon slump. Our super-effective hydration mix is based on the gold standard of rehydration. Known as ORS, it’s a perfectly balanced formula developed by the World Health Organization that can hydrate as effectively as an IV drip. One pack of Cure has more electrolytes than leading sports drinks, but it’s not sickly sweet or loaded with junk. Made with Organic Coconut Water and Pink Himalayan Salt, Cure just gives you everything you need for optimal hydration and nothing more. If you sign up on our website, you'll get $5 off your first order and other awesome perks if you refer friends like free Cure, Barry's Bootcamp class, Jabra headphones, and a PELOTON bike!
John Fontein
John Fontein@johnfontein · Co-Founder @Sesame
Looks incredible! Congrats on this launch! Going to pick some up now :)
Lauren Picasso
Lauren PicassoMaker@lauren_picasso1 · CEO @CureHydration, @Jet, @RenttheRunway
@johnfontein Thanks so much John! We're excited for you to try the product. If you signup on our site, you'll get $5 off your first order 💧