Curb Your Video

Add the Curb Your Enthusiasm music to any YouTube video.

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Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · No-coder 👉
lol Larry
David Hertog
David Hertog@dhertog
Standing ovation for this, seriously
Phillip Pastore
Phillip PastoreMaker@phillippastore · Founder @ProjectClash, @AMPERGRAM
It's funny that this project would come from someone who not only is not a die-hard Curb Your Enthusiasm fan, but instead from someone who had never even seen a full episode until working on this project. Thanks to @Brillospad for the Curbing concept and to myself, @PhillipPastore for the tech to get this web app off the ground. Click through the gallery of featured Curb-ed videos, updated often. Or make your own with the integrated video Curbing tool. Find the perfect YouTube video in need of some "awkward", drag your in and out points, slide over your moment of Curb, and you are all set for sharing a new CurbYourVideo creation. Check it out, have fun, and share! If we love your creation, it has a chance of being featured in our main gallery. Happy Curbing!