Curb to Car

Simple curb-side check-in for any business

We made so anyone who has anything they need to bring from inside a store, warehouse or restaurant can have a simple checkin and notification system for your items to be brought to your car.
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We just set up a demo location so everyone can experience the customer-facing part of the app. Thanks for checking it out!
@zeb_barnett tried demo and its not working (but I like the idea)
Covid-19 is forcing people to do curbside delivery to protect employees and customers. While our parent company, FSG Smart Buildings, isn't really in the food delivery space we care deeply about small businesses. Our product team built this to fill the need that many small businesses feel is financially out of reach to them. There is a lot that curb to car doesn't do. What it does do is provide an easy way to know your customers are waiting at the curb.
Nice touch with the cat in your gallery image. I purchased something online for curbside pickup at Best Buy yesterday. It was very slick.
@rrhoover Thanks for checking it out. Our normal business works closely with a lot of retail and QSR company types and we felt like we should try to do offer a little help if at all possible. Many big brands have their own apps and processes to make it, relatively, smooth for consumers. We're hoping Curb-to-Car can make it just a little easier for those businesses that don't have an existing answer but are trying to continue offering their goods. We've heard a lot of good feedback in the past few days from owners of single restaurants and small chains that can't afford to change out their whole POS or buy/build branded apps. We've found it's especially useful for businesses that are focusing on ordering by phone. Curb-to-car paired with printed signage on doors or small cheap banner helps the business operators keep track of which customers are waiting for them.
This is a great idea - I think you could expand to other COVID related capabilities like managing a delivery fleet (GrubHub, DoorDash, etc are killing restaurants with their fees).
@evomoore Thanks for the feedback. We are definitely considering ways to make it more helpful to merchants during the current crisis.
What about to protect the employees (since covid is around) they just leave it on the table outside? Can that be made as an option as well? What is the price after 6 months? I like the Demo. Thanks.
@jessehojjensen That's definitely an interesting idea. We'll have a team meeting to think about how we could service a flow like that. We honestly aren't sure on pricing after 6 months. Our intention is to keep the features simple and intuitive and keep the price as affordable as possible.