Curator 3.0

Beautiful presentation tool for creatives just got better

#4 Product of the DayJune 04, 2015
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really excited about the potential of Curator, the app is incredibly put together - but I desperately need it to have a desktop app to fit into my workflow.
Daniel NordhMaker@danielnordh · Founder, Curator & Co Ltd
@zee We hear you! As big as mobile has become, most of us still do the majority of our 'work' on desktop so.... we're on it.
Prayas Abhinav@prayas · Founder, Storyflock
@zee @danielnordh what happened? any update? Is Curator closed?
Niklas Agevik@niklas_a · PM @ Instabridge, occasional CEO
jerome rigaudMaker@jrgd · Interaction Design WWW & IRL
@niklas_a thanks!
Greg GilbertHunter@gregoiregilbert · I make products and run companies.
The new release of the beautiful app for creative is out! @jrgd can you please tell us more about this new Curator?
jerome rigaudMaker@jrgd · Interaction Design WWW & IRL
thanks @gregoiregilbert for the hunt! this new Curator is introducing Share and Collaborate—we spend months of hard work on it and are super excited to read the comments of the community here: @danielnordh and I will be around. It's also introducing new features based on our users' feedback like new text tools, pinterest import and pdf export amongst other.
Daniel NordhMaker@danielnordh · Founder, Curator & Co Ltd
@gregoiregilbert Our goal is to make Curator the best mobile presentation tool and this release is a big step on the way. There seems to be a big gap when it comes to productivity tools on mobile, especially for creative professionals that spend a lot of time communicating with visual information. That's where we see Curator fitting in. We are trying to shed some of the focus that traditional desktop tools have on the outcome, i.e. 'the presentation' as a static, linear thing. Instead enabling a workflow where even work in progress is always presented beautifully, with more focus on the actual content. The paradigm shift from desktop to mobile changes the possibilities for building, and peoples expectations of productivity tools. Making Curator a collaborative tool is a big step, and something many have requested. It's amazing how mobile tools are becoming so much more powerful than desktop alternatives in some areas, yet it's almost taken for granted! Anyway, great to launch this version and we have much more in store for the future!
sri@sridhar_kondoji · No Fluff Just Stuff skills tracker
@danielnordh @gregoiregilbert The creative team in our company liked your app. They do lot of creative designs for clients. Will pass on the feedback whenever i hear from them.
Daniel NordhMaker@danielnordh · Founder, Curator & Co Ltd
Thanks @sridhar_kondoji , all feedback very welcome!
Daniel NordhMaker@danielnordh · Founder, Curator & Co Ltd
I'll be in SF for WWDC next week by the way, ping to meet.
No Android?
jerome rigaudMaker@jrgd · Interaction Design WWW & IRL
@marcomatisch hey Macromatisch; yes fundamentally on our roadmap for the future. Would be very happy to read your thoughts and how you would use it; please email us: Thanks!