Launching ECOM WIKI, a free community-curated repository of resources, tips and tools to help you run a profitable eCommerce business. We are launching with our first resource which a Swipe File of 200+ creative eCommerce email inspirations.
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They are real emails for big ecommerce brands. What else is there to say?


Great resource for ecom copy


Keep adding emails!

Hi Eric! Will do. Thanks.
Wish we could add all our 'makers' here. ECOM WIKI is a free community-curated directory of eCommerce tips, tools and resources. We're always looking for inspiration at (our eCom marketing agency) whenever we're creating new campaigns, and smart marketers always keep swipe files / Dropbox folders full of inspiring stuff. We thought we'd contribute something to the eCom community and earn some love by making our internal resources public. We also asked many of our eCom Marketing peers to contribute and are so thankful to them. ECOM WIKI is now launching with its first resource - a *Swipe File of 200+ Awesome Emails* from great eCommerce brands. The swipe file contains multiple examples of emails for every type of marketing and transactional email sequence/automation you can think of. Just use the on-page filter to view every email belonging to a particular sequence. Would be great if you can tell us how we can make it better, thanks! :) (Special thanks to every eCom entrepreneur and marketer who've contributed. We're soon coming out with more.)