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Buying something complicated? Don't shop alone. Curated experts give you unbiased, personalized advice over text so you can buy the right thing for you. Categories include golf clubs, snowboards, ski gear, bikes, and yacht charters, with more coming soon.
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I think a lot of online product reviews and lists are targeted towards a general consumer and not towards my specific needs, so I tend to Ignore them all together after a few regretful purchases. I still shop in-person retail exclusively for the 1-1 expert interaction when I need it. Being able to do that online could be the final nail in the coffin of no more in-person shopping for me. Congrats @sameer1495
Very interesting approach to product curation, although I wonder if most consumers would prefer to read a detailed review/list of recommendations (without investing the time and effort in conversing with an expert) similar to what Wirecutter provides.
Very cool to see. Where I can see this really being valuable (to me, at least) is in buying gifts. Wirecutter is a good enough backstop for me on topics where I'm reasonably proficient. But if I need to get my marathon-running brother a gift, I'm basically lost...