AI-powered social media management platform

Curaite is an artificial intelligence powered platform designed to help businesses and brands manage and optimize their social media marketing. Curaite uses smart and accessible tools to help businesses and brands organize media and content, predict audience reactions, and publish the right content, at the right time, on the right platform.

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Can you post to Instagram with this?
@scotty_bowler Indirectly (for now), yes. πŸ––
@haldunoz We're in the same boat with -really tough to get on the Partner program for API access. I feel like us smaller players/startups should team up and figure out a way to level the playing field...
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@haldunoz p.s. it looks like you're using the wrong FB app for registrations (OneTravel)
@haldunoz p.p.s Really struggling to register/login - video here: (I can eventually login, but it takes some clicking!!)
Cool idea! Best of luck.
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Very interesting .... Looking forward to explore this
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Tried to create account and post some stuff, looks are its crap.

I wouldn't recommend it.




Very limited. Two social accounts is their pro level at $99 a month. Who only uses one? Even the most of novices have at least three.