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Hey everyone! I'm the creator of Curabase and here. AMA!
Awesome tool, do you offer free version/ trip periods?
@anderiep Definitely! This is my MVP where I'm looking for product/market fit. There will always be a free tier (personal usage).
Hope it will come to live version. Would be great for remote teams to see who is using what tools.
@anderiep Thanks -- this is exactly the use case I'm targeting through the MVP. I would love to pilot with some small teams and make this app the go-to for all their shared bookmarking needs.
I should also mention that there is a Chrome extension available that replaces the default new tab page in your browser:
Cool idea, haven't tried it yet-- would be helpful with my MBA team for our team projects. Hey small typo on the home page btw "Let Curabase be the authoritative place where *you team* shares links in an organized and sane way."
@mick_dinnen nice! And thanks for the typo-spotting. Teams are my first use-case for Curabase, so your input and feedback is encouraged and welcomed. Thanks!