A smart band-aid for pain relief

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Founder / CEO During college I lived with debilitating back and arm pain. At first I treated it with drugs and visited doctors constantly without much success. After living with pain for two years I borrowed a TENS therapy machine from one of my dad’s physician friends. (TENS machines are large, icebox sized devices often used in physical therapy and pain management clinics to treat stubborn pain.) The first time I applied it my pain vanished and turned into a pleasurable sensation - my first reaction was -- what the hell just happened to my arm? Then I got frustrated, after 3 years of visiting doctors -- why did it take so long for me to find out about this?! Here’s what I realized -- TENS devices work really well, but they are complicated, large, cost thousands of dollars, and are just plain scary to use. I then started working with Kevin (co-founder) to invent a simple, discreet and affordable version of this treatment and after 2 years of development with our partners at Huge Design and Whipsaw (designers of Nike/Apple/Google products) the product is finally done. Today, I could really use your feedback on two things: 1. What experience do you have with pain? How could Cur be useful for you? 2. Do you have family members with pain that you think could benefit and how would they use it? 3. What could we do better? (design, messaging, functionality, etc...)
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@shaun_rahimi interesting product and concept around pain management. First time I'm hearing about TENS. Would you say the TENS solution is a band aid solution? The real root of the problem still needs to be solve right? Also you compare your smaller sexy device to larger clunky units. When I googled TENS I came across small TENS devices that cost around $50. Are those different to your device / those larger units?
@shaun_rahimi I think the TENS machine I get on before the chiropractor is better than the actual back-cracking. I have one of those cheap things and its just not the same. I have horrible cronic backpain from the days of owning a bar. I am absolutely interested in seeing this product.
The reason I started this company was to build awareness around a treatment basis (TENS) that is widely used in clinics but is too complicated to use for consumers. The smart aspect of our device makes the product easy to use by automating the delivery of the therapy based on muscle responses it receives from your body. There is plenty of clinical evidence that shows TENS works extremely well when you applied it and adjust the treatment to a level where your muscles begin to vibrate. Our product essentially measures the presence of these vibrations to verify the treatment is at the right level. Of course, we need to run a study to prove this outright, which is why we are working with Dr. Kevin Stone at the Stone Clinic and several other physicians in the bay area on a study later this year to evaluate the effect of treatment on patient quality of life and pain measures. Besides additional studies (as we can afford them), I think maintaining an authentic approach to our communication and offering 100% refunds to patients that the treatment doesn't help is our best bet at convincing consumers over the long term. We believe in what we are doing and are pain patients ourselves, so we know how easy it is to spend money on treatments that don't work.
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I had the great pleasure of meeting Shaun earlier this year. I invested on the spot. I have a slipped disc in my neck due to a basketball injury (before @eriktorenberg asks, I'm awful,) and have had success using TENS in physical therapy. I have a feeling this is going to improve a lot of other people's lives.
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This looks really cool! I run, occasionally with mild knee pain, and I wonder if this could help me run through that comfortably. If it can, are there dangers to "masking" pain? It seems like pain is the bodies signal to you that you need to rest and heal -- could masking this push someone to over-stress already fragile tissue / muscles?
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@shwinnabego Thanks!. pain is definitely a good reminder not to use a body part in cases of injury/accidents, and you don't want to run on an injured leg. That said, many people like yourself experience pain that is not tied to an injury which is not productive and only causes stress, like people with constant back pain for example. This reduces quality of life day-to-day which is definitely not worth it. If you have a sore muscle for example, reducing pain will reduce the time it takes to recover. TENS has been proven for acute and chronic pain so it could work for you yes.
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Hey everyone. Bought one today after seeing a post from @lonelysandwich this morning. I'm hoping it helps with my chronic migraines, which often manifest alongside neck and shoulder pain. Have you done any research into this area?
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@lonelysandwich @veronica TENS is proven for tension headaches which are sourced from the neck so it could work for your issue. Here is a research article with detailed info: