CUPS Cribs

Monetize your homemade coffee, AirBnB-style

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Gilad Rotem
Gilad RotemMaker@giladrotem · Co Founder and Coffee Drinker @CupsApp
Hey guys, Gilad from @cupsapp here! CUPS began as a discovery and payment app for cool local cafes, and we’ve spent the last year building other tools and services that help our independent coffee shop partners compete with the big chains. CUPS Cribs is our latest product, and offers our users the chance to add their homes to our coffee shop map and start serving coffee to others, AirBnB-style. We think this program will help foster a sense of community among coffee drinkers in the cities that use our service, and we hope to help people earn some extra income by bringing home coffee brewers into the sharing economy. Would love to hear any feedback, and feel free to apply to make your place one of our flagship Cribs! All the best, Gilad