Discovery and payment platform for the best local cafes

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Hey guys! (Could this be the slowest founder reply on PH?) So first of all, thanks to @msg for hunting us. It has been an incredible 9 months since launching in the city. Our coffee shop network has grown to over 150 coffee shops in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens ,essentially making CUPS the third biggest coffee chain in New York. And together with our amazing community of coffee drinkers we couldn't be more excited about changing the way people drink coffee. If any of you are in New York, check us out! First cup is on us :)
WANT (in SF), especially the $45/month unlimited coffee launch special. I wish Philz offered a subscription plan. I spend far too much there.
Guys! We're live in the bay area! Launched CUPS in SF, Oakland and Berkley today, super excited to finally make it out here. We've partnered with over 40 amazing independent coffee shops for the launch and are giving away free, unlimited coffee for the next three days. Would love to get your thoughts and feedback. @rrhoover
@rrhoover I just tried to post this....why am I not surprised I was beaten to the punch and that you're jelly of the east coast right now!
How do we suggest that cafe grumpy gets on here?