An alternative to boring office sweepstake for the World Cup

CupKit is a free world cup league game you can play with colleagues, friends, or family. There's no sign-up necessary, and it's stupidly easy to play. Just create a league, pick your teams, then invite everyone else.

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I started learning React a little over a month ago (with limited prior programming skills) and this is the first project I've actually finished/released. It's based on a game my grandfather came up with 20-odd years ago that we played in our family. Back then he used a massive paper spreadsheet and a calculator. It's since evolved to Excel and now this: a real-time, offline-ready PWA. For those interested, I'm using React, MobX, Firebase (CF, hosting, & Firestore), and MUI.
Really neat app! Is so nice that there is no registration and it's so simple to get the ball rolling! Well done Henrik 🔥
Amazing! Have already put this to use in my circle of friends :D
Only a few days to go
Hey @henrikcullen! This is really cool, great work, love the execution. Quick note - i tried to share my pool on Messenger and it didn't seem to work, just a quick heads up!
@benmlevy Thanks so much for the feedback Ben. I can't quite figure out where it's going wrong with the messenger link though. It seems to be working on both the Android and iOS devices I'm testing on (although I don't think it works on Desktop, so will remove the ability there).
@henrikcullen Got it - I was on desktop hitting the Messenger link - so that's probably why it wasn't working!
@benmlevy Just rolled out the fix. Cheers Ben.