An alternative to boring office sweepstake for the World Cup

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CupKit is a free world cup league game you can play with colleagues, friends, or family. There's no sign-up necessary, and it's stupidly easy to play. Just create a league, pick your teams, then invite everyone else.


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    katrin newelDirector of Products, Venzee

    soooohh easy to set up and no knowledge needed on football/soccer.

    I got the company involved in 10min and put bonusly on the line.


    I didnt know that I could click a country to see the schedule and stats.

    The game is so simple that even me, that know nothing about the game, can play it.

    katrin newel has used this product for one week.


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Henrik Carlsen CullenMaker@henrikcullen · Co-Founder @ Bello
I started learning React a little over a month ago (with limited prior programming skills) and this is the first project I've actually finished/released. It's based on a game my grandfather came up with 20-odd years ago that we played in our family. Back then he used a massive paper spreadsheet and a calculator. It's since evolved to Excel and now this: a real-time, offline-ready PWA. For those interested, I'm using React, MobX, Firebase (CF, hosting, & Firestore), and MUI.
Sillas Victor@sillaspoulsen · GIF Lover and Product Guy
Really neat app! Is so nice that there is no registration and it's so simple to get the ball rolling! Well done Henrik 🔥
Nicolo S@coconidodev · Founder/CEO -
Amazing! Have already put this to use in my circle of friends :D
Arthur Koulianos@storewall · Owner, Storewall Australia
Only a few days to go
Ben Levy@benmlevy · Co-Founder of Sweep, PH NYC Co-Organizer
Hey @henrikcullen! This is really cool, great work, love the execution. Quick note - i tried to share my pool on Messenger and it didn't seem to work, just a quick heads up!
Henrik Carlsen CullenMaker@henrikcullen · Co-Founder @ Bello
@benmlevy Thanks so much for the feedback Ben. I can't quite figure out where it's going wrong with the messenger link though. It seems to be working on both the Android and iOS devices I'm testing on (although I don't think it works on Desktop, so will remove the ability there).
Ben Levy@benmlevy · Co-Founder of Sweep, PH NYC Co-Organizer
@henrikcullen Got it - I was on desktop hitting the Messenger link - so that's probably why it wasn't working!
Henrik Carlsen CullenMaker@henrikcullen · Co-Founder @ Bello
@benmlevy Just rolled out the fix. Cheers Ben.