A SoundCloud player that lives in your Mac menu bar

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I've been looking for a Soundcloud app for the Mac -- using the website isn't ideal and I've grown very fond of Plug, a native player for Hype Machine. Downloading now. 💃
@rrhoover this looks good, but also check out Soundnode-app and Vox.
@rrhoover Same -- i've been waiting for a good Soundcloud app forever! Soundcleod ( is ok, and i've played with some of the command line Soundcloud players, but I think a simple menu bar player might be the best implementation. Downloading to play around with now. Also, not sure if you use MixCloud (, but i've been using their desktop client recently and am loving it so far.
@chrismessina @rrhoover Hadn't heard of Soundnode but it looks good. Will check it out. Thanks for recommendation.
Just so everybody is aware of the performance improvement over using just a browser tab in, say, Chrome. On my 2011 Macbook Air 11" (fully loaded) SoundCloud in Chrome would average about 40% CPU usage where as Cumulus uses about 5%. That's above and beyond all of the advantages of having it integrated into the system bar. Well done crew!
Tried to log in with my Facebook account, it says "Cookies required", can't event close the app :/
@_yannbertrand Hey Yann, we're tracking this bug and actively working to resolve it as soon as possible! :)
@_yannbertrand Hey guys, we just released v0.5.1 which should take care of the login issue!
@michieldemey It's working, Thanks Michiel :-)
Super cool man, love it already! Thanks for sharing, cheers!
This is amazing. Thought about making something similar for a while but never got to it. Massive props to you.