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Hey Everyone. We put together CultureVids so that companies could easily reference the best examples of the corporate culture video as they think about how to build out their own talent brand. We won’t name names, but we’re not huge fans of the majority of culture videos which are just super generic and high level (CTO saying “we’re innovative!”). Some of these videos, Fiverr and Twitter, actually make fun of the typical video which we find hilariously spot on. If you have other videos we should know about, please let us know! And of course, let us know what you think of the site!
@philstrazzulla Hey Phil, we did one of these recently. We looked around at some other videos before we made ours and found most of them disappointing so tried to add substance to ours. It would have been great to find your site first. I'd love to know which side of the fence we landed in:
@foliovision Thanks for sharing. So interestingly you made this more for customers than for attracting employees? I think that's a great idea.
@philstrazzulla The idea was to talk about our work and how we work and why. If you speak with sincerity, a portrait of company culture should speak to both customers and to people considering working for your company. But yes, this one was first a portrait of the company for people who buy our video player and second a recruitment video. We did put together a recruitment version at the same time but I didn't like it as well - seems more forced - and so it's trapped in post-production right now. What do you think about the notion of a company culture film for both sides, both customers and candidates?
@foliovision I think it's a really great idea. People buy from people. More and more buyers are using things like Glassdoor to vet vendors and investments.
I love this! Just an idea, instead of simply having the link to the career pages of these companies have you thought about aggregating the job postings on your site?
@revhuff thanks for checking it out! That's a great idea. Could use jobs API for most common applicant tracking systems, or write a basic scraper to pull them in.
Someone needs to improve culture videos because they're generally so underwhelming, especially to college students. We run a platform that helps college students get jobs. Undoubtedly, there is a wide social gap between companies and students. Since culture videos are the way companies publically speak to these students, they need to make sure they're on point and have a good, friendly vibe! It can be a great opportunity to engage students if done well.
@pranam completely agree! Companies need to do a better job of sharing their culture, most of these types of videos fall flat to say the least. Although in their defense, I think there are a decent amount of roadblocks for most companies to do this well: lack of budget, approval process, lack of internal creative talent, etc. My hope is the companies we've highlighted can inspire others!