Culture Your Culture

Finally, the much needed step-by-step "how to" for culture

Based on human centered design, interdisciplinary innovation concepts, and other research, Design of Work Experience (DOWE) is the much needed step-by-step "how to" for company culture.

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Thanks for checking this out! The subject of this book is relevant to all organizations, including tech companies and startups. This is not your traditional business book (in style and format) and features Design of Work Experience (DOWE) as a leading edge approach. Because of this, CYC needs early adopters! That's why I'm here. This book was written out of a frustration with how often culture is raised as a huge factor in the success or failure of companies after the fact, and yet there was no step-by-step, "how-to" for intentionally creating culture on the front end. Design of Work Experience pulls together what's needed to meet this unmet need. Join in the cause to make both people and business thrive!
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@karenjaw love the video!
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@pjrvs Thanks so much it means a lot to me!
Cool focus for a book. Reminds me of a lot of tidbits from "Built to Last"
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@dave_poly I'm honored at the reference to such an important book! Thank you.
Been following Karen’s work for years. This makes sense, and with the creation of this book, for any business leader, culture doesn’t have to be an afterthought and a crisis waiting to happen.
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@anastasiaashman Thank you so much! 🤗
Product Hunt Community! I'm testing out a new 2-minute quiz on the website "Do you really need culture (change)?" Please let me know if you think it supports #CultureYourCulture http://www.designofworkexperienc...
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@karenjaw, I scored 45. There's definitely some room for improvement! 🙂
@lubo Happy to offer free advice if you ever need a sounding board. 😀 Thanks for checking it out!
@karenjaw, I'll keep that in mind! Sure thing, an advice from a professional is always more than needed! 😃