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Ben Tossell
Ben TossellHunter@bentossell · Makerpad.co
Notes: Chatting about Millennials in the workplace and interviewing one of Buffer’s investors! We talk with Kanyi Maqubela, a partner at Collaborative Fund, which looks beyond traditional investing criteria to think about things like creativity, values and culture. Full transcript https://open.buffer.com/buffer-c... What you’ll learn from this episode: What generation you belong to (we have a chart!) What a Millennial mindset is (and how to get it, if you want) What Millennials want in a workplace What it means to use values as a competitive weapon The challenges and benefits of transparency from a business standpoint How Kanyi and Collaborative fund define what “social good” is with their investments Which U.S. demographic is the most predisposed to being a founder The specific startup conditions at which diverse team outperform homogenous ones How the tech community is similar to the hip hop MC community