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Thoughtfully crafted color palettes now on your mac menubar

#3 Product of the DayOctober 21, 2019
Culrs web app has now been reimagined into a mac app to simplify and accelerate the process of choosing colors for your design. Easy to access with the shortcut ⌘+E, this app sits in your mac menubar, ready for whenever you need it.
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It took 6 months to learn, adapt, and understand what should be next for Culrs! 👨‍🍳Fresh from the kitchen, We are announcing our new Mac App! 🥁 Why a Desktop/Mac app? I believe in working out of sheer passion, where we build and ship a product live, and work continuously on iterating this Side Project. There were several ways to go ahead with Culrs, such as a plugin for sketch, figma, etc. Since it’s a small team of 3 who are parallelly learning the art of development and building this, we focused on creating something which sits on top of all and can become a part of your daily work life, and that had to be a desktop app. What does our Mac App bring? We are still the same, but new! We reimagined our Culrs web app into a mac app to simplify and accelerate the process of choosing colors for your design. Easy to access with the shortcut ⌘+E, this app sits in your mac menubar with all the color palettes you loved on our web app, ready for whenever you need it. Choose any palette from any of the categories, like Monochromatic, Tetradic, Triad, or Analogous for your design. You are just ⌘+E away from your favourite color palette tool, download the app here: P.S. The app also comes with a dark mode ;)
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@iamarnob6543 Congratulations or Curls team! I've used it, it have many color palettes, is good to use, so many inspiration and ideas for colors to use. I'm using the mac os app now, the version is good. Sometimes when i use photoshop i hit ⌘+E for "merge" and it goes to the curls mac os app (same command key), maybe if you can replace a different command key will be good. I've been using curls mac app before the launch, is very useful. I was so impressed by the team who made this. This will help many designers out there and very handy tool to use when doing creative work. My favorite is Analogous and Triad. Thanks for making this, this is freshly made from the kitchen!
@fajarsiddiq Thanks a lot fajar, you have always been a great support!! Ahh and that cmd+e we got missed it may be we can fix this in new release!! And thanks a lot for supporting!!
Neat and minimalistic approach for choosing colors for my projects. Kudos to the Culrs team :)
@sohail_mohammad Thanks a lot man!!
@sohail_mohammad we are glad that you loved Culrs. Thanks for choosing Culrs for your project.
This looks amazing! I had been using the web version earlier. Tried out the desktop app in the beta and I still have it installed (usually I uninstall apps if I haven’t used them in a while), this one had to stay 🚀. I like how it is not a traditional menu bar app with just a lot of nested menus. It’s an entire amazing UI which pops out of your menu bar. Looks amazing 😍. Although one thing I’d loved to see is, if at the home screen I could be recommended new color pallettes. Also, one thing which would be really interesting would be some kind of spotlight integration. Or maybe just have your own spotlight like UI that pops up on a shortcut and allows me to search through pallettes, colors, moods or anything else.
@nshntarora First of all thanks a lot for being part of it on the initial days, your feedback has always been really helpful, and I see those extraordinary ideas which has already pumped me up to build things on top of it, all noted and thanks again for the kind words!!
Congrats Arnob and team. Very handy tool!
@pradipcloud Thanks a lot pradip!!
One word for Culrs App Team: "Awesome"
@mayank_nagpal Thanks a lot man, you have been a great support!!