A simple, smart approach to choose color palettes



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Arnob Mukherjee — Founder @ Culrs
Culrs gives you a simple and smart approach to choose the right color palettes....

Yes I know what you might be thinking! There are plenty of similar products in the market, but what is it that makes us so unique that you should ditch other products and use ours?

Culrs is a product that is constantly updating and learning the color theory and science of colors from all over the internet, as well as the strategic color theory concepts used by some of the great products that people have already adapted to, in their daily life.

Heavily under development, Culrs is ever cozying up to the users to deliver what we believe they deserve.

Our vision is to integrate a better choice of colors not just for the designer, but for anyone who is starting off their dreams by building something that matters to human life.

And we think that it’s the thing that your user sees and gets attracted to, is what is going to sell, and choosing the right combination of colors will simplify 80% of your work while building your dream.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started! Sit back, relax and feel Culrs.

And yea You are also Invited to our behance design release

Thanks in advance :)

P.S. We are currently focusing on desktop users only
Amrith Shanbhag — making ideas happen at ohmega
Please make this a bit more mobile friendly?
Arnob Mukherjee — Founder @ Culrs
@ambonium Sure we are slowly working into it, The thing is we want the app to be native so we are moving into hybrid development we will be soon launching the mobile apps and desktop apps for different OS :)
Sam Wilkinson — Astrophysicist, European Space Agency
@iamarnob it's really hard to get any information at all from the website on mobile (I can't get past the pop up), so it's hard for me to tell if I want to use it!
Arnob Mukherjee — Founder @ Culrs
@sammycdubs Will surely update our mobile website as soon as possible :) There were some specific reasons to keep it a desktop based web app (Y)
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace — Exec Coach & Market:Product:Growth
@iamarnob PROtip: today is a good day for the digital bandaid. Don't waste anyone else's time. If the mobile experience is unusable, get a landing page up with device detection: let users know your current focus is desktop. (On an iPhone 6S running iOS 10 and a 6 running jail broken iOS 9, users go through the "how this works" sequence and then cannot escape the last screen.)
Arnob Mukherjee — Founder @ Culrs
@kkdub Updated with a basic one :) Thanks for that suggestion
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